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RoboFB Facebook Poster can help you to market your business, product, or website on Facebook groups and pages.

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RoboFB - Facebook Poster

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Facebook Group Auto Poster That Works!

Don’t let your business left behind in this fast-paced world. It’s time to work smart. RoboFB can help you post to all your Facebook Groups automatically, even Joined groups!

You can reach thousands of targeted audiences every day through Facebook groups, without posting one by one to groups like a laborer.

You can also auto join groups based on keywords with RoboFB!

Solve Problems

Post To Multiple Facebook Groups & Pages​

With RoboFB, you can post to multiple Facebook groups and pages whenever you want. You can simply compile a post and schedule it to post anytime you want.

You can set RoboFB to automatically join and post to different groups for you.

You can also schedule posts to your managed pages and your liked pages as well.

Posting and Scheduling on Facebook

Auto Posting & Scheduling

Post live or schedule your posts to be posted at your desired time, all on autopilot. No need to keep your computer open.

Facebook Group Auto Comment

Auto Comment/Like/Repeat

Auto comment on your own group posts to bump them, auto like the posts or set your posts to auto repeat.

Group Posting Safety Features

Safe to Use

Use RoboFB’s features such as time delay, unique post/link, spintax to prevent getting blocked.

Post automatically with

Effortless Scheduling to Facebook

Schedule your posts in advance (even up to years if you want) with RoboFB and sit back and relax while RoboFB works on autopilot for you and post your message, image or videos at your selected times.

If you use 2-3 Facebook accounts and schedule your posts strategically to Facebook groups and pages, imagine the exposure your business will get.

The easy to use schedule options make it easy for anyone to schedule posts in a matter of seconds.

Not only that,

Auto Join Groups & Auto Invite

Not only can you post to your joined Facebook groups with RoboFB, but you can also auto join Facebook groups based on keywords.

So you can auto join groups that are related to your business and then post to them with the help of the RoboFB Facebook Poster.

If you manage some Facebook groups and want to increase the member count, you can use the Auto invite option to invite your friends from different Facebook account to join the groups.

With click of a button,

Post to Groups of Multiple Facebook Accounts

With RoboFB, you can post to multiple groups of multiple Facebook accounts, all from the same dashboard.

By doing that, you can reach much more people easily by joining Facebook groups from different accounts and posting to them.

Think about the people you can reach and growth you can see!

RoboFB Can Help Your Business

No matter what you do, RoboFB can help you get sales and exposure, fast.

Do marketing the right way

Don’t let your business suffer, do marketing the right way without doing anything!

Here's How Facebook Group Posting Can Help You

Whatever business you have, be it online or offline, these days, it’s not easy to get it to reach more people without doing marketing 24/7.

Facebook Groups are improving everyday and Facebook is even now giving more importance to groups than Pages. So groups can get your business to a wide amount of people in a short amount of time.

But it’s not easy to market your product/service/website on Facebook groups. So that’s where RoboFB comes in. RoboFB can help you reach many people in short amount of time and increase your sales and revenues.

Facebook Engagement
Get your business noticed

Get your business or website to more and more people on Facebook.

Increase your sales or website traffic

Using RoboFB, you can see some real results to your website traffic or increase your exposure whether you’re an offline business or an online one.

Use RoboFB’s Group Poster, Fan Page Poster features and get your posts to the people who would never have heard about your business otherwise.

It’s never been more simpler than that.

Safe Posting to FB Groups

The RoboFB features make sures you won’t get blocked!

The most safe way to Post to Facebook

RoboFB is not only a Facebook group poster, but it’s a group poster that works more efficiently even more than posting to groups directly.

With the help of smart safety features, it keeps your account safe.

The number one #socialmarketing app

Keep pushing forward. We've got your back.

“Imagine what you can do by getting your business or service to the maximum number of users on Facebook, especially when Facebook has started giving more importance to Facebook groups and group posts in the newsfeed.”

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What others ask us

Frequently Asked

Can I post to all groups I have Joined?

Yes. With RoboFB, you can post to all groups you’ve joined or a member of.

You don’t need to be admin to post to them.

What happens to the posting process when the user is offline?

RoboFB is created with the purpose of providing you with a one-stop solution to automating your Facebook marketing without wasting any time doing it manually.

Thus, the app will keep posting to your selected groups/pages/profiles at your selected time automatically, even when you are offline.

So you can divert your time and energy in doing something meaningful while getting automatic exposure on Facebook with RoboFB.

How many posts can be scheduled at once?

You can schedule unlimited posts at once. That is the beauty of RoboFB. It lets you schedule as many posts as you want.

You can schedule the whole week or month’s posts at once and have it post to Facebook automatically without doing anything.

Can I post to Groups/Pages/Profiles of multiple Facebook accounts?

Yes! You can use RoboFB with multiple accounts but only on Plus, Premium and Enterprise plans.

We actually recommend posting to groups from different Facebook accounts to increase your reach and see good results on your marketing.

Can I create groups of groups for easy posting?

Yes, you can categorize groups in different categories to post to different kind of groups easily.

What does Unique Post and Unique Link options do?

Unique Post and Unique Link options helps you make your posts unique by adding adding random text to messages or links.

With Unique Post option set to ON, the app will automatically add a random text at the end of each postings to make them unique.

Same with Unique Link, where it will add a random text on at the end of the link with #. So your link won’t be affected, but it’ll look unique to Facebook.

Using these options can be beneficial so Facebook doesn’t think you’re posting same message or link over and over again.

Will I be banned from Facebook for using RoboFB?

RoboFB uses intelligent posting techniques that makes it safe for posting to Facebook groups. Compared to manual posting to groups, RoboFB is very safe because of its features including auto time delay, auto posting pause, spintax, unqiue IDs and other safely features. 

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RoboFB - Facebook Auto Poster